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Join us in revolutionizing the way valuable information is reported and validated with our groundbreaking blockchain driven platforms at Report To Earn™.

Together, we can foster a culture of accountability and civic responsibility, empowering individuals to make a real impact on their communities. Our multi-dimensional reward system which includes traditional perks and discounts (just like credit card points or airline miles) as well as exciting digital perks such as crypto tokens and NFTs ensures that we can appeal to people from diverse demographics and interests.

Whether you are an investor, corporation, government organization, non-profit, media member or an exciting startup looking to make a difference come collaborate with us, to build a stronger, more informed, and engaged community.

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Calling all change-makers! Are you a government organization, non-profit, corporation, or socially driven startup ready to make an impact? If you have products, services, or offerings to promote, discount, or share with our amazing community, let’s join forces in an affiliate structure. Together, we’ll empower our members and amplify your mission. Fill out the form below to get in touch, and we’ll connect with you ASAP

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Our business model creates a unique social community empowered by leveraging the transparency of blockchain, immersion of metaverse gaming, power of AI and the scalability of crypto. We are aligning the most effective elements of these technologies to solve a major global problem – fake and biased proliferation of news and information. To learn more about our revolutionary platform or request the pitch deck, please fill the form below.

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